The first Killing


After the Health and Physical teacher had left the class, I asked with the Monitor to go to toilet. The toilet was fairly 4 minutes away from the classroom where 4th grade students studied.  run,.. I had to run so that the 4th period teacher wouldn’t be before me, otherwise I would face many questions .. may be a stick ! hurry!!


As I approached the toilets, there were some strange people, all in normal civil dress. All the people were known in that part of the village, and the  strangers were the symbol of danger in that days of the time…. I spied at the people,  there were a lot mre near toilets.. under the big tree.. behind the office building… my heart bit faster .. O they were carrying guns… long and short.. and a bit farther near peepal tree were people in black (dark blue) dress,  There were policemen..a lot more policemen…


After toilet I went upstairs… uff.. it was a steep climb of well cemented stair, took a short break at middle… from the leaves of the big tree I could almost see the sky covered  with black and white clouds, hovering around… On the way I noticed Madam was surrounded by 3 or four teachers.   O  I shouldn’t be latter than the teacher.. run !!


We used to go home 10 minutes away from school for our tiffin, and I with friends ran down the home,


The way was not as usual… people were running towards school.., No I shouldn’t stop, I m hungry..

I reached home. Mummy with  to or three women were in tears! ‘Your Headsir is arrested by police’.. Actually the headsir was a popular person and villagers appriciated all the good efforts he did to buid the school and the quality of education he was able to deliver.


More people were running towards school. .. I should go… No I am afraid.. no I should go school or will be punished tomorrow..


I ran to school with the people .. the men and women stormed towards the path that led to next village ..  Mailung then Jarang..

O.. all the fields were covered with students in sky blue shirts and .. men and women… shouting.. throwing stone downwards…  RELEASE the HEADSIR !!!!….

Automatically my hands picked up stone andthrew a few meters.. that was what i could do… all the people’s target was black men down the field….  who were heading towards  next village jarang…. there was a white figure at middle of the long line of black …. ..

The people near black line were my teachers… Protesting and shouting… and the men and women…throwing stone and shouting …. and the students small and big , of all ages .. shouting and throwing stone…


Finally .. DING.. DANG…. !!!   was the sound… the black line was almost invisible.. and the teachers and many students and men and women..  were seen small  all over te hill after the sound ….

we small children were stuck over a hill between school and Jarang village.. the gunshot scattered the people more randomly all over the hills…….


RETURN !!!.. Then everyone started to return back towards village to save own lives. And finally the policemen won.. they took Headsir with them.


In the evening , all of us in our family was so keen to listen to the news from Radio Nepal. The evening news of seven pm said that one terrorist had been killed and one commander of the terrorist was captured during the clash between the security forces and the terrorist group in Gorkha. The news was a total lie.


Later the next day, I heard from the people in the village that Dil bahadur ramtel, class 5, primary school in jarang, was shot dead and another boy with Bhatta surename (probably ram prasad bhatta) is wounded with bullet and is in taken to Gorkha hospital…